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Correct overcharges if you already sent the statement

To do this task

  1. Click Activities at the bottom of the list and click Create Credit Memos/Refunds to create a credit memo that will appear on the customer's next statement:

    1. In the Item column, enter the item you overcharged.

      This ensures correct accounting on your reports.

    2. Make the amount equal to the difference between the correct amount and the amount you charged the customer.

      For example, if you charged $15.00 when you should have charged $10.00, enter the credit as $5.00.

    3. In the Memo field, enter the description that you want your customer to see on the printed statement.

      For example, you could enter "Credit for overcharge."

    4. Verify the date of the credit memo.

      Make sure that the date falls within the date range of the customer's next statement.

  2. When it's time to bill your customer again, print the customer's statement.

    The statement will include the credit memo and any other charges for the billing period.

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