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Set up recurring charges to customers

automatic charges

automatic billing

If you bill the same charge to a group of customers on a regular basis, you can set up QuickBooks to enter the charges automatically when it's time to send out your statements.

Any business that bills a recurring charge on statements can use this feature. For example, a property management company could enter monthly rents automatically. A health club could enter membership fees automatically.

To do this task

  1. For your first billing, enter the statement charges for each customer.

    How to enter statement charges

    If you have many customers that you want to enter charges for at once, you may find it faster to enter the charges in your Accounts Receivable (A/R) register instead of in the individual customer registers.

  2. Create a memorized transaction group for the statement charges:

    1. Choose Lists > Memorized Transaction List.

    2. Click Memorized Transaction at the bottom of the list and click New Group.

    3. Enter a name that describes the statement charges, for example, "Monthly rents."

    4. Select Automate Transaction Entry.

    5. Click the How Often drop-down arrow and choose how often you want QuickBooks to enter the charges (Weekly, Monthly, and so on).

    6. In the Next Date field, enter the next service date in your billing cycle. For example, if the service date for the statement charges is February 1 and you bill monthly, you would enter March 1.

    7. Click OK.

  3. In the A/R register (or in the individual customer registers) memorize each statement charge that you entered:

    1. In the register, click the statement charge.

    2. Choose Edit > Memorize Stmt Charge.

    3. (Optional) In the Memorize Transaction window, change the name of the transaction. This affects how QuickBooks lists the transaction in the Memorized Transactions list. It does not affect the transaction itself.

    4. Select Add to Group.

    5. Click the Group Name drop-down arrow and choose the memorized transaction group that you just created.

    6. Click OK.

When you have finished

QuickBooks automatically enters the statement charges for each billing cycle. All you have to do is print and mail the statements.

As your list of customers changes, you must update the memorized transaction group.

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