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Enter charges for billing statements

Entering charges is the first step in preparing billing statements to send to your customers. You enter the charges directly into each customer's register. You can also transfer reimbursable expenses to a billing statement.

To do this task

  1. Open the appropriate customer register.

    Open the appropriate customer register.

    Important: If the Customers & Jobs list shows more than one job for the customer, select the correct job.

    QuickBooks maintains a separate register for each job.

  2. (Optional) Change the date of the statement charge.

    Why you might want to use a different date

  3. In the Item field, enter the item you use to track this kind of charge.

  4. Enter the quantity in the Qty field.

  5. (Optional) Edit the description that QuickBooks provided in the Description field.

    How QuickBooks uses the description

  6. If you have more than one A/R account, click the account that you want to use from the Account drop-down list.

  7. (Optional) Assign a class to the sale.

  8. Click Record to record the charge.

  9. If you have other charges to enter:

    • If the charges apply to the current customer or job, continue to enter them in the register below the charge you just entered.

    • If the charges apply to a different customer or job, choose that customer or job from the Customer:Job drop-down list at the top of the register and enter the charges.

  10. When you're ready, you can create the billing statement.

You can use the A/R register instead

You can enter all your statement charges directly into your accounts receivable register instead of the individual customer registers. If you have a few customers, or if you like to see all your statement charges listed in one place, you may prefer the A/R register. Of course, each charge you enter in the A/R register also appears in the appropriate customer register.

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