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Print reminder statements

You can send reminder statements to customers. Reminder statements show how much customers owe on each invoice and how long each amount has been outstanding. You can also assess finance charges on outstanding balances. As you enter invoices, customer payments, and credit memos day to day, QuickBooks tracks the information necessary to create reminder statements.

To do this task

  1. Make sure your printer is turned on and is online.

  2. Make sure that the correct paper is in the printer.

    If you are printing onto statement forms, position the forms the same way that you position invoice forms.

  3. Go to the Customers menu and click Create Statements.

  4. If QuickBooks displays a choice of accounts, choose the A/R account for the statements that you want to print.

    Note: QuickBooks displays the A/R Account field only when your chart of accounts contains more than one accounts receivable account. Most companies have only one A/R account.

  5. Click the Template drop-down list and choose the template that you want to use to print the statements.

    To create a new template for this printing job, choose Customize from the list (or click the Customize button). When you finish setting up the template, QuickBooks selects it and continues with printing.

  6. Enter the statement date.

    This date appears on the top of the printed statements and in the Billed Date field of each customer's register.

  7. Enter the beginning and end dates of your statement billing period.

    Shortcuts for entering dates

  8. Choose the customers you want to print statements for.

  9. If you performed more than one job for the customers that you selected and if you want QuickBooks to print a separate statement for each job, select Per Job. Otherwise, QuickBooks prints a consolidated statement for each customer.

  10. You can choose whether to show invoice details on the statements by selecting the checkbox.

  11. To print statements in zip code order, select the checkbox.

  12. If you don't want QuickBooks to print statements that have a zero balance, select the Don't print statements with a zero balance checkbox.

    (Optional) You can, instead, specify a balance amount required for statements to be printed, and you can also exclude accounts with no activity or inactive customers.

  13. Click Preview if you want to review the information that will appear on the statements.

    Note: All information that you entered in the Memo field on invoices prints on the reminder statements created for the customer:job.

  14. (Optional) Click Assess Finance Charges to add finance charges to the statements.

  15. Click OK.

  16. In the Print window, view the assumptions that QuickBooks has made about your printing job.

    Make any changes needed.

  17. Click Print.

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