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Prepare billing statements

If you use billing statements to bill your customers, you enter the statement charges directly in each customer's register. The register keeps a running record of the charges and shows the customer's balance. When it's time to mail the statements, all you have to do is print them.

A customer's register also shows payments received from the customer. You cannot enter customer payments directly into the register yourself. QuickBooks enters each payment when you record it in the Receive Payments window.

Every transaction in a customer's register also appears in your accounts receivable register. In fact, the customer register is simply a special view into your A/R register. To provide this view, QuickBooks selectively omits all transactions not related to the customer.

If necessary, you can enter all your statement charges directly into your A/R register instead of into the individual customer registers. If you have only a few customers, or if you want to see all your statement charges listed in one place, you may prefer the A/R register. Of course, each charge you enter in the A/R register also appears in the appropriate customer register.

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