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Statement limitations

In QuickBooks, billing statements have these limitations:

  • You cannot record sales tax, percentage discounts, payment items, or group items as a separate charge on a billing statement. To bill for any of these, you must use an invoice (the invoice total will show on the statement).

  • You cannot enter multiple-paragraph descriptions of services provided or products sold (you can enter multiple-paragraph descriptions on an invoice).

  • You cannot group related charges together and subtotal them (you can group and subtotal charges on an invoice).

  • A charge on a billing statement can represent only one item (in contrast, an invoice can represent many items). You must enter a separate statement charge for each service or product that you sell.

  • You cannot add a message such as "Thank you for your business" to a billing statement (you can add such a message to an invoice).

  • Some of the customizing options that apply to invoices in QuickBooks do not apply to billing statements. Specifically, you cannot add custom fields to the statement form.

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