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Where should I save my company file?

If you're not sharing your QuickBooks company file with other users, we recommend you save your company file on the same computer as QuickBooks. You can use the default location—the QuickBooks Company Files folder—or you can select a different location. If you choose to save your company file in a different location you should save it in its own folder. As you use QuickBooks you'll create other files that will be saved to the same location as the company file.

If you use QuickBooks Pro or Premier in multi-user mode, where you save your company file can affect performance.

On a peer-to-peer network

If you have a peer-to-peer network, your company file can be on any connected computer on which you installed QuickBooks Pro or Premier. Put the file on the fastest, most powerful computer that has QuickBooks installed. This helps when users have other applications open while working in QuickBooks. It also helps when you're running or printing large reports, reconciling accounts, or paying tax-related liabilities. When you do any of these tasks, you get the best performance if you do them from the computer that has the company file.

On a peer-to-peer network, the computer with your company file must always be on and accessible to other users.

On a client-server network

If you have a client-server network, your company file typically resides on the network file server. This is the recommended method for sharing a QuickBooks company file. When you need to run or print large reports, reconcile accounts, or pay tax-related liabilities, use the fastest, most powerful computer connected to the server.

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