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About converted Quicken account names in QuickBooks

For each account in the Quicken file, QuickBooks creates an account in QuickBooks. QuickBooks creates the accounts as follows:

This type of account in Quicken

Becomes this type of account in QuickBooks



Credit Card

Credit Card


Other Current Asset


Other Current Asset


Other Current Liability


Other Current Asset

QuickBooks and investments. QuickBooks copies a Quicken investment account to an Other Current Asset account because QuickBooks doesn't have a special feature to track investments. If you want to include the value of your investments in your QuickBooks balance sheet, use Quicken to track your investments. Then when you're ready to create a balance sheet, update the balance of your QuickBooks current asset account.

Deleting Quicken accounts before converting to QuickBooks. If you don't want your QuickBooks balance sheet to include your investments (or other Quicken accounts), make a copy of your Quicken data, then delete the Quicken accounts before you convert to QuickBooks. All transfers to/from the deleted accounts will be converted to your opening balance equity account in QuickBooks to ensure that your accounts balance. You can still use Quicken to track your investments and other accounts.

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