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When should I track my bills in QuickBooks?

Do you want to keep track of bills you owe, but wait to pay them until later? Tracking bills in QuickBooks is a two-step process—first you'll enter your bills, then you'll make your payments as they become due. By tracking bills and paying bills separately in QuickBooks, you can:

  • Be reminded when your bills are due.

  • See when bills are due so you can pay certain bills in time to get early-payment discounts.

  • Pay bills at the last possible moment so that you can keep more cash on hand.

  • See which vendors you owe the most money to so you can manage the order in which you pay your bills.

If you don't have many bills or don't need to track them, just enter your bill payments into QuickBooks. If this more simple, one-step approach will meet your needs, don't choose to manage your bills in QuickBooks.

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