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Decide how to record your sales in QuickBooks

Select one of these three options to track your sales in QuickBooks, based on how you do business with your customers.

  • Record each sale individually

    Select this option if you want to track or have a record of each individual sales transaction in QuickBooks. When you record each sale in QuickBooks, you can use QuickBooks to print individual customer receipts.

  • Record only a summary of your daily or weekly sales

    Select this option if you use a separate system—like a cash register—to calculate and total your sales, and/or print customer receipts. When you select this option, you should enter sales summaries into QuickBooks.

  • Use QuickBooks Point of Sale

    Select this option if you already use QuickBooks Point of Sale. QuickBooks Point of Sale is designed to track your critical sales and inventory data and work alongside QuickBooks.

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I need more help
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