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Customize QuickBooks to charge sales tax

If you charge sales tax for the products or services you sell, you pay your collected sales tax to a sales tax agency on a regular schedule. QuickBooks helps automate your sales tax-related tasks so you can keep accurate information about the sales tax you collect and pay.

When you set up QuickBooks to track sales tax for your business, you can mark individual charges as taxable. QuickBooks will figure out the total sales tax on your forms, such as estimates, invoices, sales receipts, refunds, and credit memos. QuickBooks will total the sales tax you collect, compute what you owe, and track what taxes you've paid—even if you collect and owe sales tax at different rates, in different states, or to different agencies.

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What if I need to collect different sales tax rates?

QuickBooks supports multiple sales tax charges, so you can charge different sales tax for the different locales in which you do business.

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