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Understand how you generate income

Why does the EasyStep Interview ask me about income? By telling us the different ways you collect revenue from your donors, QuickBooks can help you set up methods to track this income. We'll also recommend other ways you can use QuickBooks to customize how you collect your income.

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Help me decide which to choose

Choose fundraising only if your nonprofit does not provide a tangible product in exchange for donations. Fundraising only also covers nonprofits who provide a service in exchange for donations, such as a bird rescue group that accepts donations and charges for speaking engagements. However, if the bird rescue group also sold a t-shirt or note cards, the best choice would be Both fundraising and goods and products.

Choose products and goods only if your nonprofit sells products but doesn't do any other type of fundraising. For example, this would be a good choice for a museum gift shop that is operated as a separate business from the museum.

Choose both fundraising and goods and products if your nonprofit accepts donations and sells or provides a tangible product such as a conservation group that holds fundraising campaigns and also sells books and maps.

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I need more help
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