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Customize QuickBooks for the revenue-related forms you send to donors and clients

QuickBooks will help you decide which forms to use based how you receive funds from donors and clients. It's not uncommon for nonprofits to use a combination of these forms, and it's likely you may want to use all of these forms.

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What form(s) should I use?

Many nonprofits may find they use each of the different forms QuickBooks offers.

  • Use a donation receipt or sales receipt when your donors give you full payment at the time of donation. This receipt can be used by your donors for tax purposes.

  • Use a statement to send your donors a statement of charges or to remind them to make a regular payment. You can also use a statement to as a reminder when a donor hasn't paid an outstanding pledge form or invoice.

  • Use a pledge form—also called an invoice in QuickBooks—to track funds donors have committed to paying you, and to request payment for these funds. You would also use an invoice to bill a donor or client when you've provided a service for fee.

When would nonprofits use a donation receipts?

When would a nonprofit use a donation receipt?

When would nonprofits provide statements, bills, or invoices for payment?

When would a nonprofit provide a statement or invoice for payment?

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