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Create an administrator password

This step is optional. We recommend you create an administrator password. After you create your company file—the file that contains all of your information in QuickBooks—and complete the EasyStep Interview, QuickBooks will require you enter the password whenever you open the company file. You'll open the company file anytime you exit and return to QuickBooks or any time you choose to open a company file from within QuickBooks. Creating an administrator password provides immediate protection of your QuickBooks data.

Do I need a password?

If you are the only person in your company or are the only person using the computer where your QuickBooks information is, you probably do not need a password.

If you want to control the access other users have to your QuickBooks financial information, create a password. Later, you can create additional users and give each user a unique password.

If you want to freely share your QuickBooks information with others users in your business, you still may want to create a password. By creating a password and setting up individual users you can track the changes each user makes to your company file.

Note: Passwords are case-sensitive.

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What is an administrator?

The QuickBooks Administrator is a special user who has access to all of the features and company information stored in QuickBooks.

Here are some of the tasks that only the administrator can do:

  • Change a user's access permissions

  • Import and export data

  • Enroll in or apply for additional business services offered by QuickBooks

  • Change company-related information such as the company name, address, or fiscal year

  • Use the EasyStep Interview to set up a company file

What should I use for my password?

QuickBooks does not require that you use any particular length of password or type of characters in your password. You should set the password to something that is easy for you to remember, but hard for someone else to guess. You can include letters, numbers, capitalization, and special characters (like %$#*). Remember that the password is case sensitive.

Why are passwords so important?

Passwords limit access to your company data. To open a file protected by a password, each person must enter not only a user name but also a unique password.

How do I share my QuickBooks company information with other users in my company?

How do I share my QuickBooks company information with other users in my company?

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I need more help
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