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Track bills in QuickBooks

QuickBooks can help you manage your bills that you owe. Managing your bills in QuickBooks will help you keep track of what you owe, who you owe it to, and how much you owe.

  • Do you pay your bills as soon as you get them? If you do and you don't care about keeping track of how much you currently owe, you don't need to track your bills. Simply write a check to record your payment in QuickBooks.

  • Do you want help managing your bills? By managing your bills in QuickBooks you can:

    • See the total of all your outstanding bills, as well as a breakdown by payee or vendor.

    • Have QuickBooks remind you when your bills are due

    • Make an informed decision about which bills to pay first. You can decide based on information such as who you owe the most money to, which vendors you want to treat more cautiously, or which bills are most overdue.

    • Manage your cash flow with clear visibility into your spending.

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When should I track bills in QuickBooks?

When should I track bills in QuickBooks?

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