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About printing checks

QuickBooks makes it easy for you to print checks for your vendors or paychecks for your employees. You can easily:

  • Print a single check

  • Print several checks at once (batch printing)

  • Print a paycheck

Note: Intuit offers multiple check formats in a variety of colors and designs that are guaranteed to work with QuickBooks. Intuit also offers matching envelopes to give you business a professional, polished look.

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If I choose to print checks, can I still write them by hand?

Yes! You always have the option to write checks manually from the register, or to print checks:

Can I print checks when I'm not in the office?

Yes, because QuickBooks checks are pre-printed with your customer and bank account information. QuickBooks prints the date, payee, amount, and any memo information you include on every check.

If you're away from the office, you can hand-write checks and enter the data in QuickBooks later. You always have access to the QuickBooks check register, should you want to write checks manually.

Why would I want to print checks from QuickBooks?

  • Printing checks saves you time because QuickBooks can pre-fill fields on a check. For example:

    • If you enter the first few characters of a vendor's name, QuickBooks finishes the name for you.

    • When you type a check amount, QuickBooks enters the same amount on the second line of the check.

  • Printing checks enables you to keep more accurate records. Because billing, vendor, and payroll information is already in QuickBooks, printing checks helps reduce data-entry errors.

  • The print checks option gives you flexibility. You can always use the check register to write checks manually, and you can print checks and take advantage of the time-saving and improved accuracy features.

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I need more help

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