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Add markups to individual expenses

If you don't want QuickBooks to mark up each expense by the same amount or percentage, you can mark up the expenses individually.

To do this task

  1. Make sure the Markup amount or field is blank.

  2. In the Amount column, change the amount of each expense so that it includes the markup you want.

    For example, if an expense is $50.00 and you want to mark it up by $10.00, you would change the $50.00 amount to $60.00.

Effect on your accounts: When you use this method to mark up an expense, QuickBooks does not post the difference between the original amount and the edited amount to your markup account. Instead, the entire amount posts to the account you use to track income from that type of reimbursed expense. To track markup income separately, you must use the "Markup amount or %" field to apply a single markup to all the expenses you select.

You can't split an expense. If you reduce the amount of an expense, QuickBooks assumes that you do not intend to charge your customer for the balance. You will not see the balance the next time you open the Choose Billable Time and Costs window for the customer.

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