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What's important about the Choose Billable Time and Costs window

This tabbed window lists item purchases, expenses, hours, and mileage that you have assigned to the current customer or job. From these lists, you can select which costs you want to appear on the sales form you are writing or in the customer register where you are entering statement charges.

  • Checkmark column

    Click in the Checkmark column next to the charges that you want to include in the current sale to this customer.

    If you do not wish to bill for a particular charge at this time, be sure that there is no checkmark next to that charge.

  • Hide column

    If you know that you will never bill the customer for a cost, you can remove that cost from the list.

    To do this task

    1. Open an invoice and click Add Time/Costs to open the Choose Billable Time and Costs window.

    2. Click to open the Expenses tab.

    3. Click in the Hide column next to the Amount column.

    This removes the cost permanently from the list. It does not remove the original transaction (check, credit card charge, bill, and so on) from your records. Your reports will still show the cost as associated with the customer or job.

  • Markup Amount and Markup Account (on the Expenses tab)

    Enter a decimal or percentage amount and an account to use for the markup.

  • Options button (on the Time and Mileage tabs)

    Click Options to change the way your billable time or mileage is transferred into QuickBooks.

  • Print selected time and costs as one invoice item (for invoices and sales receipts)

    To do this task

    1. Select the Print selected time and costs as one invoice item checkbox.

    What this does: When you print the invoice, it shows only the total of the costs with the description "Total reimbursable expenses" (you can change this description if you wish). Showing only the total is useful if the list of costs is quite long, or if you don't want your customer to see a detailed breakdown of the costs. When you select this option, you still see the complete breakdown of the costs on the onscreen version of the invoice.

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