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About sales tax

Depending on where you do business, you may be required to collect sales tax for the products or services you sell. If you collect sales tax, you must pay it to a tax agency on a regular schedule. QuickBooks helps automate your sales tax tracking so you can keep accurate records about the sales taxes you collect and pay.

Important: You must follow the rules and regulations for collecting and paying sales tax in your tax district (city, county, state). Help me find this information.

Understand how sales tax works

The following information is important for setting up your sales tax.

Tasks you need to do to track sales tax

  • Set up sales tax in QuickBooks
    You'll set up your sales tax items with rates and the tax agencies to pay, assign taxable or non-taxable status to your items and customers, and set up a payment schedule.

  • Enter an opening balance for your sales tax payable account
    If you have sales tax that you currently owe to your tax agency, you need to enter that balance in the sales tax payable account where your sales tax is tracked.

  • Charge sales tax when you make a sale
    Once your sales tax information is set up, sales tax is automatically added to your invoice, sales receipt, or other sales forms. QuickBooks does the calculations for you.

  • Pay your tax agency
    You can run a sales tax liability report to track what you owe, then pay the sales tax when it's due.

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