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Change sales tax code information (taxable and non-taxable status)

To do this task

  1. Open the Edit Sales Tax Code window.

    1. Go to the Lists menu and click Sales Tax Code List.

    2. Double-click the sales tax code that you want to change.

  2. You can change any of the following:

    • To rename a sales tax code, enter the new name in the Sales Tax Code field.

    • To change the taxable status of a sales tax code, select the appropriate option. You can't change the taxable status of a sales tax code if you have already used it in a transaction; you'll need to create a new sales tax code instead.

    • To make the sales tax code inactive or to reactivate it, select or clear the checkbox. An inactive sales tax code won't appear on the Sales Tax Code List unless you select Include Inactive (at the bottom of the Sales Tax Code List window).

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See also

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