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Examples of sales tax items

These are examples of the types of sales tax items you might create to collect and pay sales tax for districts in which you do business. Tax rates can vary between cities in the same county, depending on the district taxes that apply. In these cases you can create separate sales tax items for the different rates.


County / Rate


City / Rate



Santa Clara 8.25%



Santa Cruz 8.00%

Big Basin 8.00%

Capitola 8.25%

Scotts Valley 8.50%

  San Mateo 8.25%


Once you create your sales tax items, you can view the information in two different ways.

To do this task

  1. Click the Related Task link in the Manage Sales Tax window to View Sales Tax Items.

  2. Click Lists on the Home page menu and then click Item List to see a slightly different view of the same information.

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