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Print a message to your customer on the sales order

Portions of this feature are available only in the Premier and Enterprise Solutions editions. In QuickBooks Pro, you can work with existing sales orders but cannot create new ones.

If you want to print a message to your customer on the sales order, use the Customer Message field. Choose the message you want to print from the drop-down list next to the Customer message field. The message you select appears on the sales order when you print it.

If you don't see the message you want in the drop-down list, you can write a new message and add it to the list.

To do this task

  1. Click the drop-down list and then choose Add New.

  2. Type your message in the Message field of the New Customer Message window and click OK.

If you want to add information for your own records that you don't want your customer to see, use the Memo field. Information you type in the Memo field appears on the sales order form on which you enter it, and on reports that contain information about that sales order.

If you want to edit or delete an existing customer message, use the Customer Message list.

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