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Create a purchase order from a sales order

Portions of this feature are available only in the Premier and Enterprise Solutions editions. In QuickBooks Pro, you can work with existing sales orders but cannot create new ones. Learn how to upgrade your version of QuickBooks.

What happens when I create a purchase order from a sales order?

Creating a purchase order from a sales order does not change the status of the sales order. The two forms are not linked in any way.

To do this task

  1. Find and open the sales order.

    Viewing a list of all sales orders goes here
  2. Click the Create Invoice drop-down arrow and choose Purchase Order.

    Create Invoice drop-down menu

  3. Choose an option:

    • Select Create purchase order for all allowed items to add all allowable items from the sales order to the purchase order.

      The following types of items are allowed on a purchase order: Inventory Part, Inventory Assembly, Non-Inventory Part, Fixed Asset, Service, Other Charge, Group, Subtotal.
    • Select Create purchase order for selected items if you want to put only some of the items on the purchase order. Then select each item you want on the purchase order and enter a quantity.

      The items are displayed in the same order as they appear on the sales order. If there are a lot of items in the list, you may want to select the Sort by preferred vendor checkbox to make items easier to find.

  4. Click the Vendor drop-down list and choose a vendor.

  5. Make any necessary changes to the purchase order.

  6. Save the purchase order.

How does inventory site information transfer to a Purchase Order?

In general, QuickBooks uses the Inventory Site as a ship to address on purchase orders. That is why you can only have 1 inventory site per purchase order.

However, you can enter multiple inventory sites on Sales Orders. The Inventory Site information you enter on the Sales Order determines the site information QuickBooks transfers to the Purchase Order. Specifically, if:

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