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If you turn off the sales order feature

QuickBooks retains all sales orders you have created. However, if the sales order feature is off, you can't display your sales orders from the Customers menu, and Sales Orders does not appear as a general transaction type on the Customer Center. If you want to view sales orders while the feature is turned off, run a transaction report, then QuickZoom to view a sales order.

To do this task

  1. Go to the Reports menu, choose Customers & Receivables, and then click Transaction List by Customer.Shortcut

  2. Customize and filter the report as necessary to display the transactions you want to see.

  3. QuickZoom on a transaction to open the sales order.

Note: If you know which customer has an existing sales order, you can also find the sales order on the Customer Center. Select the customer on the Customers & Jobs tab, then choose All Transactions in the Show drop-down list. Sales orders will be included in the Transactions list.

Portions of this feature are available only in the Premier and Enterprise Solutions editions. In QuickBooks Pro, you can work with existing sales orders but cannot create new ones.

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