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View unbilled time and expenses

You can view a list of customers with unbilled time and expenses in the Invoice for Time & Expenses window.

This window lets you view subtotals of your unbilled time and expenses for each customer, filter the list by date, sort your results, and select which customers to bill.

To do this task
  1. If you can't see this menu item, you may need to turn on the preference.

  2. Enter the date range for the unbilled time and expenses you want to view.

    To view all unbilled time and expenses before a certain date, leave the first date field blank.

    To view all unbilled time and expenses, leave both date fields blank.

    A list of all customers with unbilled time and expenses in that date range appears. Each column shows the customer's subtotal of all unbilled items for each type of expense.

  3. To find a customer or job in the list, click the Customer:Job column header to sort the list by name.

    You can sort the list by clicking any column header. For example, if you want to view the customers with the largest outstanding amounts, click the header in the Total column.

  4. To hide or show a column, right-click any column header and select or deselect a column in the list.

    If you use the list to create an invoice, the hidden expenses are not added to the invoice.

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