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Print batches of invoices and other forms

To do this task

  1. Load your printer with the appropriate paper, and verify that you have enough toner to print your request.

  2. Be sure the To be Printed checkbox is selected on the forms you want to print.

    If you used the Batch Invoice feature, this is already selected for you based on each customer's preferred send method.

    You can view or change your send method selection for each customer in the Customer Center. Right-click the customer name and choose Edit. Open the Additional Info tab to see your selection.

  3. Go to the File menu, click Print Forms, and then click the type of form you want to print.

  4. In the Select (forms) to Print window, select the items you want to print.

    Important: (Invoices only) If you want to print mailing labels for invoices, you must print them before you print the invoices. If you have selected several invoices for the same customer, QuickBooks prints one mailing label for that customer.

  5. Click OK.

  6. Review your print options, and make any necessary changes to them.

  7. Click Print.

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