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Printing Invoices

Selecting invoices to print

This window lists all the invoices marked as "to be printed" in the A/R account shown at the top of the window. QuickBooks assumes you want to print all of the invoices at this time, so each invoice is checked off in the list. If you don't want to print a particular invoice now, you can clear the checkmark.

Printing labels

Important: If you want to print labels for invoices, you must print them before you print the invoices. If you have selected several invoices for the same customer, QuickBooks prints one label for that customer. If you want to print the labels, click Print Labels.

What is the Payable Online column? (Billing Solutions)

When you select invoices for online payment, this column contains a "Yes." After you print them, QuickBooks asks if you want to send them to the Customer Account Center so customers can pay your invoice online.

How printed invoices selected for online payment are sent to the Customer Account Center (Billing Solutions)

When you print invoices selected for online payment, QuickBooks goes online to send them to the Customer Account Center so customers can view and pay them. After you print invoices enabled for online payment, QuickBooks asks whether you want to send them now or later, and gives you the opportunity to set your preference for sending future invoices enabled for online payment to the Customer Account Center. You can also change this preference from the Send Forms Preferences window.

  1. Go to the Edit menu and click Preferences.

  2. In the Preferences window, click Send Forms in the list on the left.

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