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Create an invoice

An invoice records that you made a sale and that somebody owes you money.

To do this task

  1. On the Home page, click the Create Invoices icon.

  2. Select a template based on the information you need to track.

    1. Click the Template drop-down arrow and select a template from the list. Learn more...

  3. Click the Customer:Job drop-down arrow and select a customer from the list.

  4. Be sure the date is correct.

  5. Click the first line in the Item column.

  6. Click the drop-down arrow and select an item. If the item isn't in the list, click Add New or follow these steps.

  7. Enter the quantity.

  8. (Optional) Change the description and rate if necessary.

  9. (Optional) Enter a customer message.

  10. (Optional) To print or email the invoice later, click the To be printed or To be emailed checkbox.

  11. If you have more invoices to enter, click Save & New. Otherwise, click Save & Close.

  12. (Optional) If you chose to print the invoice later, choose File > Print Forms > Invoices when you're ready to print. If you chose to email the invoice later, choose File > Send Forms when you're ready to send it.

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