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How do I enter the terms, sales tax rate, and send method?

QuickBooks uses the terms, sales tax rate, and send method you set up for each customer to create each invoice in a batch. You can view or change these settings from the Customer Center.

To do this task

  1. Go to the Customer Center.

    To open the Customer Center, choose Customers > Customer Center.

  2. Right-click the customer name and then click Edit Customer.

    Note: If you're emailing an invoice to a customer, be sure the email address is correct on the Address Info tab and verify your QuickBooks send method preferences.

    To verify your send method preferences:

    1. Choose Edit>Preferences.

    2. In the Preferences window, click Send Forms in the list on the left.

    3. On the My Preferences tab, make sure the Auto-check checkbox is selected and you've chosen a method for emailing customers.

    Find out more about changing preferences for sending forms.

  3. Open the Additional Info tab to view or change your selections.

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