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Assign costs, time, or mileage to a job

For billable time: Record the hours spent on the job, using either a weekly timesheet or a single activity entry. Assign the hours to the customer or job (if you're tracking by job). Each entry will automatically be checked in the Billable column on the form.

For job-related purchases: (items purchased for a job, subcontracted services) Use a bill, check, or credit card charge to record the purchase. On the Items tab, enter each item or service you purchased. In the Customer:Job column, be sure to assign each item or service to the customer or job (if you're tracking by job).

For mileage: Record the mileage in the Enter Vehicle Mileage window. If you want to change the amount for this expense (to charge the customer more than the standard rate), you can change it on the invoice.

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