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Bill customers for time and costs on invoices and statements

  1. (Statement charges only) Indicate how you want QuickBooks to date the statement charges it creates for the costs you select.

    • Click Dates from table below to use the original date of each cost. If the dates occurred before the date of the last statement you sent to your customer, you may want to use the This date option instead. When you print a statement, QuickBooks normally includes only charges dated after the date of the last statement to the customer.

    • Click This date to use the date shown in the This Date field. Normally QuickBooks shows today's date in the field, but you can change the date to a different date if you want.

  2. Click the tab(s) for the kind of costs you want to include on the invoice:

    • Click Time to include time billable to this job.

    • Click Expenses to include job-related expenses. Examples: fees you paid on behalf of your customer, freight charges you want to pass on to your customer.

    • Click Mileage to include job-related mileage expenses, such as your mileage to and from a customer's office or construction site.

    • Click Items to include items billable to this job.

  3. In the Checkmark column, click next to each cost you want to include.

    Click Select All to select all the costs listed on the tab you have displayed.

  4. (Expenses only) If you are writing an invoice and you want QuickBooks to calculate sales tax on the expenses you've selected, click the Selected expenses are taxable checkbox. This option is not available for statement charges.

    On the invoice, a sales tax code appears next to each expense amount to indicate that it is taxable.

  5. (Time only) If you want to combine all activities that have the same service item into a single line on the invoice, or if you want to choose how QuickBooks fills in the Description field on the invoice or in the customer register, click Change to open the Options for Transferring Billable Time window.

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