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Apply a sales discount

In QuickBooks, applying a discount at the time of sale is different from offering a discount to customers who pay early.

  • If you occasionally give a 10% discount on some items, create a discount item called "10% Discount" that has an amount of 10%.

  • If you have more than one type of discount, add a discount item called "Discount", and then add subitems for each type of discount that you offer; such as an employee discount, sales receipt discount, volume purchase discount, or senior discount.

  • If you have a product sales business, you may want to offer some additional special discounts.

To offer a discount on an invoice (or other sales form), create a discount item, and enter it as a line item on the form.

To do this task

  1. Create a discount item.

  2. On the sales form, insert the discount item immediately after the item that you want to discount.

    If the discount is to apply to more than one item, first use a subtotal item to calculate the total of the items. Then, enter the discount item beneath the subtotal.

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