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Add reimbursable expenses to a sale

How do expenses become reimbursable?

To do this task

  1. On the invoice or sales receipt form, enter the name of the customer and job for which you incurred the expenses.

  2. Click Add Time/Costs to display the Choose Billable Time and Costs window.

  3. Click in the Checkmark column next to each expense you want to include on the invoice or sales receipt.

  4. (Optional) If you want the expenses you select to appear as a single line item when you print the invoice or sales receipt, select the Print selected time and costs as one invoice item checkbox.

    Important: Do this only if you are certain you want the printed invoice to show only the total of the costs (and not a line-by-line listing of each cost). Once you record the invoice or sales receipt, it is difficult to print the costs separately. To go back, delete the single line item on the invoice. Locate the original time and cost transactions, then reselect them as billable. You then have the option to print them as separate lines on the invoice.

  5. (Optional) If the reimbursable expenses are taxable, select the Selected expenses are taxable checkbox.

  6. (Optional) Add a markup to the expenses you selected:

    1. Enter the amount or percentage of the markup in the Markup Amount or % field. If the markup is a percentage, include the % sign.

    2. In the Markup Account field, enter the name of the account you use to track markup income.

  7. Click OK to add the expenses you selected to the invoice or sales receipt.

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