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Ways to print forms

To print from the form window

  1. To print a single copy of the form, click Print on the form toolbar and then click Print.

  2. To access more print options in the form window, click the Print drop-down arrow and then click the print option.

    Print drop-down menu

    About Print options

    • Preview: Displays a preview of the current form before you print it. Not all forms have the Preview option.

    • Print: Prints the current form.

    • Print Batch: Allows you to print more than one form.

    • Print Packing Slips: Prints a packing slip based on the contents of the current form.

    • Print Shipping Label: Prints shipping labels. Only available if the Ship To field is selected for the template and the field is filled out.

      If you don't see the Ship To field on your form, you need to add it to the onscreen form:

      1. Click the Customize drop-down arrow at the top of the form, then click Additional Customization.

        Note: If you don't see the Customize drop-down arrow, you may need to resize or maximize the window.

      2. Click the Header tab and in the Ship to line select Screen for the ship-to information to appear onscreen as you fill out the form.

        To print the ship-to information on the form select Print on the Ship to line.

      3. Click OK.

      4. Enter the ship-to information on the form.

    • Print Envelope: Opens the Envelope Options window where you can select options for your envelopes. Make your selections and then click OK.

      Note: Some Print menus contain an option to Order Business Forms.

To print from the Print Forms menu

  • To quickly print the current form, go to the File menu, choose Print, and then click Print.

  • To print more than one form, go the File menu, choose Print Forms, and then click the forms you want to print.

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