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Add a markup for subcontracted services

If you know the cost of the subcontracted work in advance, you can set up QuickBooks so that it automatically includes your markup when it enters the rate for the subcontracted work on an invoice or sales receipt.

To do this task

  1. Set up a service item to represent the subcontracted work.

  2. In the Cost field, enter your cost, either as a flat amount or as an hourly rate.

  3. In the Sales Price field, enter the amount you would charge your customer after having applied a markup to your cost.

QuickBooks then enters the sales price whenever you use the service item on an invoice or sales receipt.

If you don't know your cost when you create the service item, leave the cost and the sales price at $0.00. On an invoice or sales receipt, QuickBooks enters the rate as $0.00. You can then edit the rate so that it includes your cost plus your markup.

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