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What's important about the Choose Reimbursable Expenses window

This window lists the reimbursable expenses you have assigned to the current customer or job. Use this window to select the expenses that you want to charge back to customers.

Important fields

Hide column

To do this task

  1. Put a checkmark in the Hide column next to the Amount column of the expense that you want to permanently delete from the list.

This does not remove the original transaction (check, credit card charge, bill, and so on) from your records. Your reports will still show the expense as associated with the customer or job.

Print selected expenses as one invoice item (invoices only)

To do this task

  1. Select the Print selected expenses as one invoice item checkbox.

What this does: When you print the invoice, it shows only the total of the expenses with the description "Total reimbursable expenses" (you can change this description if you wish). Showing only the total is useful if the list of expenses is quite long, or if you don't want your customer to see a detailed breakdown of the expenses. When you select this option, you still see the complete breakdown of the expenses on the onscreen version of the invoice.

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