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Let QuickBooks-compatible software access files automatically

Only the QuickBooks Administrator can do this.

There may be instances in which you want an integrated application—one designed to share data with QuickBooks—to access QuickBooks files without requiring authorization from a user. For example, you might want a particular application to run at night when no one else is accessing the company file.

To enable an integrated application, add the application to the Integrated Application list.

To add an application to the Integrated Application list

  1. Run the application while the QuickBooks file is open.

  2. Read the documentation for your application to find out if it can integrate with QuickBooks. If so, follow the instructions specific to your application to reach its access point to share data with QuickBooks.

  3. When you choose to share data with QuickBooks through your application, you are asked whether to allow access. Select Yes, always; allow access even if QuickBooks is not running and click Continue.

  4. If the application is not signed the Confirm to Proceed window appears. Click Yes to accept the unsigned application.

  5. The Access Confirmation window will list the application and the file you want to access. If this information is correct, click Done. The application will appear in your list of integrated applications in QuickBooks.

  6. (Optional) If a timing feature is available in your specific integrated application, set it to communicate with QuickBooks at the time you want. Refer to your application's documentation for more information about its timing features.

    This requires leaving your computer on. If you leave the computer unattended, it should be in a locked room or otherwise physically secured.

Once the application has been added to the list, your QuickBooks Administrator may need to modify the way the application communicates with QuickBooks. For example, the QuickBooks Administrator may select or change the login user in the Integrated Applications preferences.

To modify the way an application communicates with QuickBooks

  1. Go to the Edit menu, choose Preferences, and then click Integrated Applications.

  2. Click the Company preferences tab.

  3. Make sure that the Don't allow any applications to access this company file checkbox is not checked.

    The Notify the user before running any applications whose certificate has expired checkbox can be checked. If it is, however, automatic access will be suspended if the application's certificate expires.

  4. Select the appropriate application and click Properties.

  5. Change any of the options.

  6. If the company file has multiple users and Allow this application to login automatically is checked, select a user for the application to log in as.

    Although you can permit the application to log in as any user you want, you may want to create a user specifically for the application. This lets you control the type of data the application can access.

  7. If necessary, using whatever mechanism is available in the third-party application, set it to communicate with QuickBooks at your chosen time.

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