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What's important about the Access to QuickBooks company file window

This window tells you that an application is attempting to access one of your company files, but the QuickBooks Administrator has specified that QuickBooks must always ask before allowing access to this application.

Window regions

Application Name and Developer

Gives the name and developer of the application, as reported by the application itself to QuickBooks. QuickBooks cannot necessarily verify this information; however, if you are seeing this information, then your QuickBooks Administrator has authorized this application to access the current company file after prompting you for permission.



Prevents the application from accessing your QuickBooks files on this occasion. It may request access again at some future time.

Yes, This Time

Allows the application to access your QuickBooks file during this QuickBooks session only. Any future requests by the application to access your QuickBooks files will still need authorization.

Once this option has been selected, anyone logged into this particular QuickBooks file can authorize access.

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