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Allowing access to personal data

Allow access to personal data in your company file with caution. Personal data can include:

  • Social security numbers

  • Any field related to an employee's salary

  • Anything related to credit card numbers or bank account numbers

Why would I want to provide access to this data?

You might need to use an application that provides expense reporting for your company and require an employee ID for one of the fields. Or, you may be using an application that provides job tracking for your business. Perhaps you want an application to help you do time tracking for your employees. Such applications might require access to personal employee data.

Before you allow access to personal data...

  • Always use signed applications or inform the application developer that you prefer to use only signed applications.

  • Investigate the application to verify the type of data it accesses before you provide access.

  • Make sure to inform anyone who may be impacted that you will be using an application that accesses certain types of personal data.

Giving an integrated application authorization to access personal data will allow that application to access any personal data in your company file until you revoke access.

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