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What's important about the Invalid Certificate window

Only the QuickBooks Administrator will see this.

This window indicates that an application with an invalid certificate wants to access one of your QuickBooks company files.

An invalid certificate can mean that someone has tampered with the application since it was created. A revoked certificate can mean that the developer of the application is not who he or she claims to be, and therefore, the third-party certification authority has revoked the certificate previously issued. QuickBooks will not let applications with invalid or revoked certificates access your QuickBooks files.

Before you attempt to use the application again, your QuickBooks Administrator should contact the application's developer for a copy with a valid certificate.

You might be able to get additional information about the application and its developer by going to the QuickBooks Solutions Marketplace.

Window regions

The Application Calls Itself

The application reports its name to QuickBooks, and this is where QuickBooks passes on the name. If the application does not have a certificate or has an expired or revoked certificate, QuickBooks can report the name but cannot verify it.

Certificate information

When the application does not have a valid certificate, QuickBooks notifies you.

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