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What's important about the Expired Certificate window

Only the QuickBooks Administrator will see this.

If you have specified that a particular application with a valid certificate must be given permission each time it accesses a QuickBooks company file, this window will appear—in place of the Application Certificate window—after the certificate has expired.

Note: Although the expiration of the certificate does not necessarily impact the safety of the application, you might want to check QuickBooks Solutions Marketplace to see if a more recent version of the application is available.

Window regions

The Application Calls Itself

The application reports its name to QuickBooks, and this is where QuickBooks passes on the name. If the application does not have a certificate or has an expired or revoked certificate, QuickBooks can report the name but cannot verify it.

Certificate Information: Expired

Gives the name of the certificate authority—the organization that issued the verifying certificate. For details and questions about the trustworthiness of a particular certificate authority or digital certificate, consult the certificate authority's Web site.

In this case, the information that the certificate is expired is also displayed. The expiration of the certificate does not necessarily affect the safety of the application. However, certificate authorities will not provide any assurances for applications whose certificates have expired.



Prevents the application from accessing your QuickBooks files on this occasion. It may request access again at some future time.

Yes, prompt each time

Allows the application to access your QuickBooks file during this QuickBooks session only. Any future requests by the application to access your QuickBooks files will still need authorization.

Once this option has been selected, anyone logged into this particular QuickBooks file can authorize access.

Yes, whenever this QuickBooks company file is open

Allows the application to access the current company file whenever that file is open. If the application attempts to read and modify a different company file, you must again choose whether to authorize access.

Yes, always; allow access even if QuickBooks is not running

Allows the application to access your QuickBooks files at any time (unless QuickBooks has a different QuickBooks company file open). If QuickBooks is not running the application will launch QuickBooks in the background and automatically log in.

If you select this option and your company file has multiple users, you must also select a valid user that the application can log in as. The application's access will be the same as that of the user you select.

Allow this application to access personal data such as Social Security numbers and credit card information

Allows the application access to personal data; for example, you may require an application to access employee data to assist with expense reporting or time tracking.

Use great care when authorizing third-party applications to access personal data.

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