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What's important about the Properties window

Only the QuickBooks Administrator can access this.

This window enables you to set properties that govern the way the selected integrated application is allowed to access the current QuickBooks company file.

Access Rights

Allow this application to read (and modify) this company file

Allows the selected application to access the current company file. Checking this box places a checkmark next to the name in the Allow Access
column in the Manage Integrated
Applications window. If this is not checked, you cannot set any other properties.

Note: The application itself determines whether it needs read-only access or read and modify access, and you can only permit or deny the level of access requested. You cannot okay read-only access if the application requests read and modify access.

Note: Exact wording depends on whether the application requests read-only access or read and modify access.

Prompt before allowing access

When selected, you will be prompted each time the application attempts to access the current company file. This is checked automatically if you selected "Yes, This Time" or "Yes, prompt each time" on an access window for this application. If this is selected, you cannot choose to allow the application to log in automatically.

Allow this application to log in automatically

Allows the application to log in to QuickBooks without a user being in attendance to authorize access, and whether or not QuickBooks is running. You cannot select this option and have the "Prompt before allowing access" option remain in effect.

If you select this option and your company file has multiple users, you must also select a valid user that the application can log in as. The application's access will be the same as that of the user you select.



The name of the application.

Developed by

The name of the developer who created the application. This name may not be available to QuickBooks if the application does not have a certificate.

First accessed

The date and time the application first accessed the current company file.

Last accessed

The most recent date and time the application accessed the current company file.

Developer identity verified by

Gives the name of the certificate authority—the organization that issued the verifying certificate for this application.

Expiration Date

The date on which the certificate for the application expires.

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