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Integrate QuickBooks with other software

You can integrate key QuickBooks data with a variety of QuickBooks-compatible software solutions. This means that in some cases you can use these software solutions designed for your type of business or industry with QuickBooks data. Sales, customer, and other financial data can be shared between QuickBooks and certain QuickBooks-compatible software.

Integration will help save time, reduce data entry, and increase accuracy so you can focus on more important activities, like growing your business.

Data transfer is much more secure than manual importing and exporting, and QuickBooks validates the shared data. Some applications may be able to run even when no one is working in QuickBooks.

We recommend that you back up your QuickBooks data prior to installing any QuickBooks-compatible software. Control of these software solutions will remain in your hands. You must give the application permission before it can access your QuickBooks files. You can also set permissions on these software solutions by using the user permissions feature.

Visit the QuickBooks Solutions Marketplace for more information about QuickBooks-compatible software.

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