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What's important about the Integrated Applications Preferences window

Only the QuickBooks Administrator can do this.

This window enables you to set preferences that govern the rights integrated applications have to access the current QuickBooks company file. The preferences set in this window apply to all integrated applications seeking to access this company file. You can permit or deny access to individual applications by clicking in the Allow Access column of the "Applications that have previously requested access" table. You can set other preferences for individual applications using the Properties window.


Don't allow any applications...

Prevents all integrated applications from accessing the current company file. When this box is checked, neither the administrator nor the user will see access screens or be able to authorize applications to access the company file.

Unchecking the box will permit administrators and users (if permitted by the administrator) to authorize access.

Notify the user before running...

Tells QuickBooks to show the Expired Certificate window if an application attempts to access a company file after the application's certificate has expired. The user can then determine whether the application should be allowed to access the company file.

A certificate is not invalid because it expires nor does the application itself change when the certificate expires.

Window regions

Applications that have previously requested access to this company file

A list of all applications that have been given access to the current company file. The checkmark in the left column indicates that the application is currently allowed to access the company file. Click the checkmark to remove it, or remove the application by selecting it and clicking Remove.



Enables you to see and modify QuickBooks properties associated with the selected application. These properties control how the application accesses the current QuickBooks company file.


Removes the selected application from the list of applications that have been granted access to the current company file.


Restores the "Don't allow access..." and the "Notify user..."checkboxes to their default state, which is unchecked. It does not affect checkmarks in the Allow Access column of the applications list.

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