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Creating a client trust ledger report

This report shows costs and legal fees paid out of the client's trust money and the accumulated amount of trust transactions for a selected period of time. If you have subaccounts for each client, the report shows each client's funds separately.

To create a client trust ledger report

  1. Choose Reports > Accountant & Taxes > Transaction Detail by Account. Shortcut

  2. Click Customize Report at the top of the report.

  3. In the Columns area, make sure these choices are selected: Type, Date, Num, Name, Memo, Split, Amount, and Balance.

  4. Click the Filters tab.

  5. Select Account from the Filter scroll box.

  6. Click the Account drop-down arrow and select Selected accounts.

  7. Select the client trust bank account(s) you want to report on and click OK.

    If you created parent and subaccounts in QuickBooks, select them all.

  8. Click the Header/Footer tab and change the Report Title to Client Trust Ledger. Click OK.

  9. (Optional) In the Dates field, select This Fiscal Year.

  10. Click Memorize and name the report Client Trust Ledger.

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