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What's collapsed in a collapsed detail report?

A collapsed detail report combines (collapses) multiple items in a transaction into a single line. This shortens the report and makes it less costly to print. If you wish, you can expand all transactions in a report to show their details by clicking Expand on the report toolbar.

In addition, these reports display with the columns Debit and Credit instead of Amount.

Five detail reports are collapsed by default: General Ledger, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet Detail, Journal, and Transaction Detail by Account. The table below explains what happens to the columns in a combined report.


What changes

How it changes


Item amounts

Combined and displayed in the Debit and Credit columns.

Qty, Sales Price, Cost Price, Cost, Asset Value

Item amounts

Combined within the column.

Name, Memo, Class, Payroll Item, Ave. Cost

Item text

If the text of all items is the same, it displays. If the text in any item differs, the column displays a value of -MULTIPLE-.

Balance, On Hand, Asset Value

Running balances


Columns not included in the table are unchanged. The total ending balance also remains the same.

Several columns contain information that QuickBooks cannot display properly when collapsed. If you expand a report, add these columns, and then collapse it again, they will be removed. If you then expand the report again, you will need to add the columns back manually.

Note: You can expand these reports to see all transaction details, but you cannot currently collapse any other reports.

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