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Troubleshoot report problems



Change the columns in a report

Saving (memorizing) a report

Interpreting the results

  • The report isn't what I expected

    Here are some things you can do:

    • Does the report cover the wrong period of time? To change the period covered, click the Dates drop-down list and then click a different date range. Or, change the dates shown in the From and To fields.

    • Are you filtering for a field that is not stored with the report data? Locate a report that contains the information you need and try the filter again. If you are searching for a check number or a specific transaction, try using the Find feature instead.

    • Are you tracking the type of data covered in the report? Some reports may not apply to your business or may be based on data that you are not tracking.

    • Are you reporting on a cash basis rather than an accrual basis? If you have not yet made any cash transactions (for example, you have sent out bills but have not yet received payment), some reports may appear empty. Running a cash basis report can also result in a missing account or entry. Try changing the report to an accrual basis to resolve the issue.

Budget Reports

  • Blank reports for an imported budget

    If your budget reports are blank, you probably imported a budget into a company file with a different chart of accounts. QuickBooks creates all the income and expense accounts referenced by the imported budget as "bank" accounts.

    1. Export the budget again, making sure to also export the chart of accounts.

    2. Import the budget and the chart of accounts.

    3. Edit the chart of accounts to include the correct types and names, and remove unneeded accounts.

  • Missing information on Profit & Loss Budget Overview

    You probably did not enter income and expense accounts for the budgeted amounts. You need to customize the report to show budgets by job and by time period.

    1. Click Customize Report at the top of the report.

    2. Click the Display columns by drop-down list and choose a time period or choose Total only.

    3. Click the Display rows by drop-down list and choose Customer:Job.

Sales tax reports

If you don't see your particular problem in the list above, you might want to ask your accountant for assistance. If you don't have an accountant, Intuit can help you find one.

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