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Hide or display inactive data in a report

If a report has rows or columns that show only zero amounts, you might want to hide the inactive rows or columns on the report. By showing only active data or non-zero amounts, you can reduce the scope of your report to show only the most significant data.

This option is not available for all reports.

To do this task

  1. Open the report that you want to change.

    Ways to open a report or graph
  2. In the Modify Report window, click Advanced.

  3. Under Display Rows and Display Columns select one of these options:

    • Active, to display only rows and columns that showed activity during the report period. Some amounts may be zero if there were transactions that canceled each other out.

    • All, to display all rows and columns, regardless of whether they showed activity during the period covered by the report.

    • Non-zero, to display only those rows or columns that show activity during the period covered by the report and contain at least one non-zero amount.

  4. Click OK in both the Advanced Options and Modify Report windows.

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