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Find the report you need

Use the Report Center to find standard, memorized, favorite, or recently run reports.

Browsing for reports

You can browse through sample report images, report descriptions, or both.

  1. Choose Reports > Report Center.

  2. Choose the type of reports you want to browse: Standard, Memorized, Favorites, or Recent.

  3. Choose the way you'd like to browse the reports:

    • Carousel View: Click Carousel View to horizontally scroll through sample report images and descriptions. Use the scroll bar or click reports in the background to scroll.

      For memorized reports, the images are generic and report descriptions are not displayed. This is because memorized report content depends on how you've customized the base reports. Titles shown are from the base report that was memorized.

    • List View: Click List View to scroll through report descriptions. This is a good option if you want to see brief text descriptions of the reports close together, or if your computer performance is hampered by the graphics on Carousel View.

    • Grid View: Click Grid View to vertically scroll through a grid of smaller report images. Widen the Report Center window to see more reports in each row.

      Click Report Information by the selected report in Grid View to zoom in on the image and display the report description.

  4. Click the category for the type of report you need from the category list on the left.

    For example, to find a standard or memorized report about how much money you're owed, click Customers & Receivables in the category list.

    For Recent reports, click the time period that you last viewed the report.

    If the category list isn't displayed on the left, click Right Arrow by the left border of the Report Center. There is no category list on the Favorites tab.

  5. When you've found the report you need, select the report and click Display Report to display it.

Searching for reports

You can search for a report using words found in the report title or description.

  1. Choose Reports > Report Center.

  2. In the Search field, type the words that you expect to find in a report title or description.

    If you don't use quotes around the words, all reports that contain any of the search words will be found. Use quotes around your search term if you're only looking for exact matches.

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