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Change the date range of a report

All reports have a preset or "default" date range. You can change the date range to cover a different period of time.

Note: In some editions of QuickBooks, you cannot modify the date range for a report. For example, you can modify the date range of the Income Tax Preparation report only in the QuickBooks Accountant Edition.

To do this task

  1. Open the report you want to modify.

  2. Define the date range to use:

    • Click the Dates drop-down list at the top of the report and choose a different date range.

      What do the different date ranges mean?

    • To change to a period of time not specified by one of the preset ranges, click the calendars to change the dates shown in the From and To fields. When the calendar appears, click the arrows to display the month you want, then click the day of the month.

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